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Philipp Müller-Armbruster
Producer @ Wooga

"The transparency in communication, how Rocksalt’s team worked on the setup and how they continuously improved our complex workflow was outstanding!"



"Rocksalt is result-oriented and quality conscious, making constant improvements in production while maintaining open lines of communication and adhering to deadlines."


Sam Nassour

"You guys nailed the pose from the first time. Great work maintaining the appeal of the 2D design and love how polished and precise the model and facial expression are."


Remi Tjon Ajong
Animation Director @ Wooga

"I fondly remember multiple occasions when I was just glowing with joy after seeing how they managed to push the character animation and performances to the next level!"


André Stroetzel
Art Outsourcing Manager @ Bigpoint

"Rocksalt has worked with us on multiple projects throughout the years. We are happy with the successful collaboration on all levels of the production. Great results!"


Damon Davis
Art Director @ High Voltage Software

"The Rocksalt team has done a great job! We are very pleased with the quality of your work and your responsiveness. We will certainly keep you in mind for future needs."


Johannes Bohm
Art Director @ Bigpoint

"On behalf of the Drakensang team in Berlin, I sincerely thank the Rocksalt team for its hard work, dedication and quality awareness. You really surpassed all expectations!"


Jessie Bowers
Outsourced Art Liaison @ Game Circus

"Working with Rocksalt has been a wonderful experience. They have produced incredible work for challenging assets within our game. It was no small ask and they really stepped up to the plate. The whole company has complimented the quality of their artwork again and again"


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