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Game Art and Animation

Meet Rocksalt

Rocksalt is where creativity happens, and imagination is reality. We develop stunning 3D/2D game art assets and animation across genres and platforms. What keeps us at the forefront of artistic game design and development is our roster of talented artists. Their passion is the element that brings our game assets to life.

Our work on 70+ games spans across indie developers and AAA titles. We believe we’re unlike any other video game art outsourcing studio. We deliver on deadline. No delays. No compromises on quality. Our goal is simple: To leave a mark in the gaming industry while constantly levelling up!


At Rocksalt we are proud of our well-balanced team, mixing years of industry knowledge and experience with a healthy dose of creativity. Our combined skills allow us to take on the responsibility to work with game studios along their development process all the way from concept to in-engine integration of the final assets and animation.

Utkarsh from Rocksalt game art outsourcing studio

Utkarsh Veer

Managing Director
Founder & Managing Director of Rocksalt, Utkarsh is the strategist and innovator who, like leading game protagonists, makes the most efficient moves to get to the finish line. His experience of 21 years in the industry has sharpened his senses, honing him into a leader and creator with unique traits. Among these is his creative instinct, which has helped Rocksalt become a leading game art outsourcing studio in India. Utkarsh began his career as one of the first creative artists with UTV, working closely with its creative leadership. His past experiences include working at some of the best animation studios like DQ Entertainment, Escotoonz and UTV Toonz. Utkarsh is an ace at spurring teams on to success.


Cyrus from Rocksalt game art outsourcing studio

Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus is the shot caller and playmaker at Rocksalt. With a career spanning over 3 decades, his passion for animated movies and the artistic process sparked his transition to games around 20 years ago. Previously, as VP of Production at Technicolor India, he helped the brand achieve 6X growth and the studio secure 7 coveted Emmy awards. These were for producing superlative work for universal players such as Disney, DreamWorks TV, Nickelodeon, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision and Rockstar Games. Today, Cyrus is an acknowledged authority on animation & games, has been a great mentor to many in this industry, and continues to pursue his penchant for creative expression.


Christine Thaarup

Managing Director – Rocksalt CPH
A key strategist in our roster, Christine brings invaluable global skill sets. With industry experience spanning 16+ years, she has worked with IOI in Copenhagen, established Eidos Shanghai, and led new markets business development for Square Enix. With a deep insight in creative, organizational, and business development spheres within the domain of gaming and film, she also has an unparalleled superpower to build cross-cultural teams with efficient workflow for high quality digital media and design. These attributes enable her to forge new global partnerships. She has also honed her artistic skill set by working as an Executive Producer for a leading European animated film and TV series.

Deepak Purkait

Director/Art Director
Deepak is our game art genius whose creativity sets the stage. His explorative and out-the-box thinking and approach contributes to new and exciting game-winning strategies. Deepak’s 20+ years of experience within the industry has sharpened his skills in modelling, animation, and concept art. He has worked with some of the top game developers like SOE, Fromsoftware, UTV-TrueGames, Propaganda Games, Microsoft, Airtight Games, Beach Cooler, ZYNGA, Wooga and SocialPoint. When he’s not on the frontlines of creation, he’s the Art Director who inspires our game artists and animators.                                                                                                                        

Nigel Zabiela

Art Director
Nigel has 20 years of experience in designing, directing, and creating digital worlds for computer games, as well as 3D motion graphics for film and theatre. He is a brilliant storyteller who uses the latest technology in VR and AR to create these fantastic worlds! During his 10 years at IO interactive, Nigel was involved with several award-winning AAA franchises, from conceptualization to final release. He believes that working with talented and inspiring colleagues is the most crucial factor for growth as an artist and enjoys sharing his experiences with fellow team members. He holds a master’s degree in Digital Scenography and Production Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and has held lectures there on compositing and environment design.          


Sreedhar Acharya

General Manager-Production
With experience in both the animation and gaming industry, Sreedhar is a talent powerhouse with over 15 years of managerial experience. He’s adept at planning and designing an efficient production pipeline for superior organizational growth.With strong team building capabilities, and a keen understanding of dynamic industry trends and requirements, Sreedhar’s goal is to deliver results that are on par with industry standards. He firmly believes that continuous training, up-skilling and development are key to making a team stronger and achieving greater heights.His endless passion and drive to do better are what make him a key player at Rocksalt.


We Are secure

Confidentiality is our highest priority. That’s why we use IT infrastructure that secures sensitive data all through the game design and development process.

  • Physical, network, and system security
  • BCP & DR and ITSM & ITIL
  • AWS Cloud
  • Access control
  • Operational controls
  • Microsoft virtualisation
  • Asset & patch management
  • Gateway security UTM firewall
  • Data backup and destruction policies
  • Risk assessment & software compliance
  • 2-way authentication for server access for WFH scenarios